The spring season is a time for sunshine and rebirth! Many people come out of their winter hibernation ready to face the warmer months and enjoy some time with their family for Easter, Mother’s, and Father’s Day. That makes it the perfect time to make an epic spring charcuterie board full of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and maybe even some edible flowers. These spring charcuterie board recipe ideas will be the perfect addition to your next brunch party or family gathering.

If you are new to the charcuterie board world, you definitely want to gather up some supplies. Below you’ll find some of my absolute favorites!

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25 spring charcuterie board recipes

These spring charcuterie board recipes are absolutely beautiful. Full of veggies, springtime colors, and so much more!

1. Spring Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-a pumpkin and a princess
A sweet treat charcuterie board.

One of the best things about charcuterie boards is anything; everything belongs on one! A Pumpkin and a Princess has created an Easter charcuterie board that has a mix of easter candy and veggies to create the perfect for that Easter Sunday appetizer!


spring charcuterie board recipes-the rare welsh bit
A charcuterie board with many tasty options.

This beautifully simple spring charcuterie board by The Rare Welsh Bit has a little something for everyone! From different kinds of cheeses to nuts and dried fruit. This savory charcuterie board is bound to be hit at your next spring gathering, like Mother’s Day!

3. Spring Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-the healthy table
A pop of color and some yummy spinach artichoke dip.

This Healthy Table has put together a spring cheese board with a pop of color that screams spring. Some seasonal ingredients include fresh veggies, spinach artichoke dip, and cheese cubes. This simple yet sophisticated charcuterie board is perfect to pair with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio at your next spring garden party!

4. Spring Meat and Cheese Board Step-by-Step

spring charcuterie board recipes-cup of zest
A spring charcuterie board that pairs perfectly with wine.

This charcuterie board by Cup of Zest is a celebration of flavors! This charcuterie board has got it all, from sweet strawberries and snap peas to mild soft cheese and everything in between!

5. The Ultimate Spring Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-harry and david
The perfect spring charcuterie board.

Harry & David know a thing or two about appetizers and chocolate. So, you might want to take a look at their charcuterie board ideas before creating your own charcuterie board. A beautiful board with orange slices, many different types of cheeses, and meat and nuts filling in all the empty spaces.


spring charcuterie board recipes-modern honey
A bright board with so many options.

Creativity really shines on this spring charcuterie board from Modern Honey! It may actually be one of the most beautiful boards I have ever seen. Loaded with bright, bold colors, a variety of flavors, and the versatility of being a snack board or dinner-worthy, this spring charcuterie board brings everything from seasonal to traditional flavors!

7. Pomelo Spring Charcuterie Board

A board with so much color you won’t be able to look away.

Pomelo Wine Co. has created an ideal spring board that is absolutely perfect for spring gatherings or an Easter brunch! Pair it with a sauvignon blanc and crusty bread for an ideal way to spend spring evenings!  


spring charcuterie board recipes-joy & oliver
A spring charcuterie board that looks almost too good to eat.

A charcuterie board worthy of being the Easter table centerpiece! Joy + Oliver has a beautiful spring-inspired charcuterie board that is filled with fresh ingredients, including healthy foods for dipping and even a few treats on the side to add a little sweetness to the board.

9. spring charcuterie board with California avocado three-bean salad

spring charcuterie board recipes-husbands that cook
Not your average charcuterie board.

Charcuterie board with avocado three-bean salad? Where do I sign up?! Husbands That Cook has added a delicious dip to his charcuterie board and brings it up a notch! Add the baguette slices, an array of fruits, and artichoke hearts. You’ve got yourself a beautiful cheese board!


spring charcuterie board recipes-damn delicious
A charcuterie board with some interesting additions.

Believe it or not, there’s a difference between traditional charcuterie boards and cheese boards; charcuterie refers to various meat products, while cheese board refers to a selection of cheeses served together. Both types of boards are a great choice. But Damn Delicious shows you how to make this delectable spring cheese board that is perfect for this time of year.

11. Spring Charcuterie Bouquet

spring charcuterie board recipes-sargento
Is that a rose or meat and cheese?

Sargento knows cheese. So, you shouldn’t be surprised when you look at their beautiful charcuterie board that looks like a bouquet of roses. What better way to say happy spring than with provolone, pepperoni, and salami roses? They even made small flowers out of cherry tomatoes!

12. Colorful Spring Cheese Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-the forked spoon
A traditional charcuterie board with some spring time additions.

The Forked Spoon has chosen the go big or go home method. Using a large wooden board, she includes a little bit of everything on this spring cheese board! From nuts to dark chocolate and citrusy fruits, this board complements an evening spent outdoors or gathered around a table with good friends!

13. Simple Spring Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-the southerly magnolia
A traditional and delicious charcuterie board.

The best charcuterie boards are usually the ones with the biggest variety and the ones that anyone could eat for a main course. This spring charcuterie board, The Southerly Magnolia, checks both boxes. With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, this amazing spring charcuterie board will “wow” everyone at your next gathering!

14. The Ultimate Spring Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-the feed feed
A charcuterie board that has a variety of flavors.

Springtime is a time for rebirth and a fresh start. This means new and fresh flavors abound, and it’s time to cleanse the palette with tastes! If you have a large cutting board and want to give this ultimate spring charcuterie board from The Feed Feed, go for it!

15. Epic Spring Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-reluctant entertainer
Large and in charge charcuterie board.

She’s back with another massive yet beautiful spring charcuterie board! Reluctant Entertainer is one of the most comprehensive and beautiful displays you’ll see.! With small bowls of chocolate eggs and a variety of cheeses and it’s got everything from sweet to salty and everything!


spring charcuterie board recipes-the epicurean mouse

Oh, Tootles! Look no further if you want an easy step-by-step kid’s charcuterie board! This kids’ charcuterie board from the Epicurian Mouse is the perfect thing when you want a simple, fuss-free dinner or a fun snack. Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the fresh produce, dips, and finger sandwiches. The best part is that a few familiar friends might also appear on the board!


spring charcuterie board recipes-lively table
Two dips are better than one.

This beautiful spring snack board from Lively Table is decorated with vibrant greens and shades of pink and white to create a delectable and eye-appealing snack board! Plus, the salty flavor of the salmon complements the other flavors on the board perfectly! It will draw a lot of attention at your next spring function!

18. Spring Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-a life delicious
A charcuterie board that is perfect for date night.

This simple, elegant spring charcuterie board by A Life Delicious is a delightfully simple one. Yet, it has so many spring flavors. But, the stand-out food on this board is the wildflower honey topped with parmesan flecks.


spring charcuterie board recipes- waapple
A brunch board that is perfect for Sundays.

If you’re a fan of brunch, this good charcuterie board is for you! It’s everything you want on a mid-morning snack board and more! Waapple goes above and beyond to create a simple yet flavorful board! Don’t forget to serve it with fresh orange juice mimosas and coffee!

20. Spring Charcuterie Board for Two

spring charcuterie board recipes-the avid pen
A charcuterie board that is fit for one.

Have you ever had a craving for a charcuterie board but didn’t want to make one to feed an entire army? Well, you’re in luck because the Avid Pen created the perfect solution. A spring-themed charcuterie board for two full of smaller bites like cheese slices and grapes! Those aren’t oranges. You see their kumquats!

21. The Ultimate Spring Grazing Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-the original dish
A charcuterie board that has some delectable add-ons.

The Original Dish brings a simple yet flavorful and hearty spring grazing board to the table! It features foods such as asparagus prosciutto toast, avocado dip, and fresh strawberries! Your guests will think you spent hours on this board, but we won’t tell!

22. Epic Spring Charcuterie Platter

spring charcuterie board recipes-meal garden
A charcuterie board for one.

More of a charcuterie plate than a charcuterie board.  This simple and elegant creation by Meal Garden has it all and is the perfect snack if you’re enjoying an afternoon alone and just want some creamy cheeses!

23. Spring Dessert Cheese Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-wisconsin cheese
A charcuterie board that is full of cheese.

Wisconsin Cheese does it again and has put together a cheese board with delightful light dessert fare that is perfect for snacking! It boasts traditional cheese board items like cheddar cheese, fresh fruit with honey to drizzle, and some sweet treats like chocolate-covered pretzels and apricots! 

24. Colorful Springtime Charcuterie Board

spring charcuterie board recipes-handmade farmhouse
Veggies, veggies, veggies.

When we think spring, we think of vibrant colors and the beginning of fresh fruit and vegetable season! This springtime charcuterie board by Handmade Farmhouse has everything you could want on a spring-themed veggie snack board! Filled with amazing colors and fresh vegetables, it is the perfect spring harvest board to share with loved ones!


spring charcuterie board recipes-ancestral nutrition
A simple spring time charcuterie board.

Ancestral Nutrition knows that gluten-free does not have to mean boring or tasteless, and this gluten-free spring charcuterie board is anything but! This charcuterie board has a bold variety of food and flavors, from hummus made with lemon juice to soft cheeses like brie and gouda. It is perfectly paired with favorite springtime veggies like radishes and carrots.

Spring is one of my absolute favorite seasons, and these spring charcuterie board recipes are some of the most beautiful boards I have come across. Each charcuterie board is full of color and will make a killer centerpiece for your next spring gathering.

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