If you have decided to live the vegan lifestyle or have family or friends who are vegan or enjoy a plant-based diet. It may be a good idea to have some appetizers and food options for them at your next gathering. Many times, vegans cannot eat the main meals, appetizers, and desserts due to the ingredients or the nature in which they are cooked since charcuterie boards are STILL all the rage. Why not try one of these vegan charcuterie board recipes to impress and feed all the vegans in your life?

When I am creating a charcuterie board, whether it is for a birthday party, a holiday like Valentine’s Day, or just because, I always pull out some of my favorite tools!

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40+ vegan charcuterie board recipes

If you are looking to jump into the trend of all the traditional charcuterie boards but need some vegan charcuterie board ideas instead, these 40+ vegan charcuterie board recipes are full of a variety of flavors that will please the vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters in your life!

1. How to Make a Vegan “Charcuterie” Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-minimalist baker
A colorful board full of vegan cheese and veggies.

Minimalist Baker has put together a charcuterie board full of delicious plant-based foods that are sure to please every eater at your next party! You’ll find a variety of sweet, salty, and satisfying snacks on this simple charcuterie board.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-no sweat vegan
A board full of cut vegetables, bread, and a delicious red beet hummus.

A vegan snack board that is perfect for entertaining, no sweat vegan has built a board full of small bowls of hummus, roasted chickpeas, bell peppers, and more! It’s the perfect board for your next gathering or for special occasions. 


vegan charcuterie board recipes-vegan on board
A large charcuterie board with crackers galore,

If you are looking to include vegan meat products, this epic vegan charcuterie board from Vegan on Board includes sliced vegan chorizo, pepperoni, and pastrami. You’ll also find some delicious finger foods like cherry tomatoes and fresh fruit.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-zardyplants
A board that includes vegan cheeses and meats.

A beautiful vegan grazing board from ZardyPlants includes a wide variety of cheeses (all vegan), raw veggies, and a collection of meats (vegan as well). All served on a wooden board. This is one epic vegan charcuterie board.

5. How to Assemble a Vegan Charcuterie Board That’s Amazingly Tasty

vegan charcuterie board recipes-better homes and gardens
A simple board with some special touches.

Want step-by-step directions on how to build your own vegan charcuterie board? Then you’re gonna want to take a look over at Better Homes & Gardens. They have put together simple directions on how to make a vegan charcuterie board that is definitely easy to follow!


vegan charcuterie board recipes-make it dairy free
Fruits, cheeses, nuts and meat fill this vegan charcuterie board.

Make it Dairy Free has put together a classic board that includes vegan cheeses, vegan meats, and more! She even gives a little vocabulary lesson on the french word or french term charcuterie board, which technically means “appetizers/tapas.”


vegan charcuterie board recipes-fitliving eats
A vegan charcuterie board that is perfect for a date night.

If you’re looking to bypass store-bought items like cheese, then Fitliving Eats may have the perfect fit. She includes her homemade vegan soft cheeses that can be customized to fit your taste. Add in some crispy crackers and fruit to make a smaller board perfect for a dinner date or small get-together.

8. Epic Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-emilie eats
A charcuterie board that is perfect for a main course.

Emilie Eats puts together a charcuterie board with the perfect flavor combinations. Adding dips like hummus and blackberry preserves alongside crunchy veggies like red peppers and small veggie burgers. This vegan cheese board is perfect for dinner parties as a main course or large appetizer.

9. How to Make the BEST Easy Vegan Charcuterie Board (VIDEO)

vegan charcuterie board recipes-i can you can vegan
A board full of carmelized onion dip, fresh fruit, and deliciousness!

A charcuterie board with dips full of fresh herbs is definitely a favorite, and I Can You Can Vegan doesn’t disappoint. Her board includes a caramelized onion dip, apple slices, dried fruits, and more!

10. Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-plantyou
A simple vegan charcuterie board for one.

Everyone knows a charcuterie board is normally not vegan, but if you are looking for ways to make a vegan version, then plantyou has given you plenty of options. From vegan tofu feta to raspberry chia jam. She gives you some amazing vegan options.

11. How to Build a Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-thank you berry much
A charcutuerie board fit for kings and queens.

Thank You Berry Much has put together a beautiful easy vegan charcuterie board that includes vegan cheese blocks, vegan honey, and a pop of color with some grapes and oranges. This is a perfect size board for a date night or small gathering.

12. How to Make the Ultimate Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-eatplant
A simple and straight-forward vegan board.

If you are looking for a veggie charcuterie board, then Eat Plant-Based has a board that is so full of vibrant colors you may not even want to eat it! Grab your favorite fruits, veggies, and crackers to create a simple yet delicious board!


vegan charcuterie board recipes-veggies don't bite
A grazing board with an Italian twish.

Who knew you could add some delicious pasta to your vegan charcuterie board recipe? veggies don’t bite has a board that any Italian or pasta person will fawn over! With some bowtie pasta and tomato marinara sauce, your friends will ask you to make it again and again.

14. vegetarian charcuterie board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-whole food soul food kitchen
A colorful and flavorful vegan charcuterie board.

This is a vegetarian charcuterie board from WSK, so if you have friends who do not eat any by-products of animals, this is a board you may need to make a couple of adjustments, like adding dairy-free cheese or adding some olive oil.

15. Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-healthy seasonal recipes
A board that uses hummus as the main attraction.

Healthy Seasonal Recipes has put together a board that has a variety of textures, including crunchy nuts and crostini, pickled onions, and fresh fruit. This is a great board for party time, with a large bowl of hummus as the centerpiece.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-vegetarian mama
A vegetable and fruit charcuterie board that will please all tastebuds.

A board that is full of color is one of my absolute favorites! Easy Veg Recipes does not disappoint with her vegetarian charcuterie board. The reds, greens, and purples are absolutely gorgeous, and the dip looks so yummy!

17. Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-paper and stitch
A simple veggie focused charcuterie board.

If the number of people you’re hosting is low, this small vegan charcuterie board from Paper & Stitch may be perfect. Bringing in different colors with rainbow carrots, cucumbers, watermelon radishes, and more!

18. Vegan Cheese Board (Charcuterie Board)

vegan charcuterie board recipes-vancouver with love
The perfect vegan cheese board.

Gone are the days of rubber cheese for vegans. You now have many options, from mozzarella balls to artisan cheese. Each type has so much flavor! What better way to celebrate the different cheese flavors than with this charcuterie board from Vancouver with Love?

19. Ultimate Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-simple green smoothies
A large and in charge vegan charcuterie board.

Some people just need a template to create a beautiful charcuterie board, and if you are one of those people. You may want to take a look at the vegan charcuterie board template from Simply Green Smoothies. It will not only help you figure out what to buy at your local grocery store. It will help you figure out how to set up a larger board.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-everyday healthy recipes
Meat-free deli slices, fruit, and veggies create a delicious appetizer.

Charcuterie boards are often all about the meats. So, when looking for vegan charcuterie board recipes, you might expect boards with nothing but vegan cheese, fruits, and veggies. But that’s not the case. You’ll see just what types of meat you can include if you take a look at Everyday Healthy Recipes.

21. How to Make the Best Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-food talk daily
A meat-free rose for a beautiful charcuterie board.

Easily create an epic vegan charcuterie board with dairy-free cheese,  plant-based meat, and even some vegan bread! Food Talk Daily does it again!


vegan charcuterie board recipes-vegan gluten free life
Who knew a vegan charcuterie board could be so large?

Grab your cutting board and get ready to turn it into one delicious vegan charcuterie board! Vegan Gluten Free Life shows you exactly how it is done and creates an absolutely delicious board full of pre-cut vegetables, potstickers, and more! 


vegan charcuterie board recipes-fork in the kitchen
A vegan charcuterie board that is perfect for date night.

Your vegan charcuterie board recipe does not need to feed an army! Fork in the Kitchen creates a simple and small board, which is a wonderful thing!

24. healthy vegan charcuterie board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-by lauren cermak
A charcuteie board that adds in a sweet factor.

By Lauren Cermak creates a beautiful, health-focused charcuterie board that is not only vegan. But is gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. Making it the perfect appetizer or main course for your next gathering or family dinner.

25. How To Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-wild hearted
A charcuterie board that looks delicious even from a bird’s eye view.

Wild Hearted gives you so many ideas regarding items for your charcuterie board, including dark chocolate, dips, crackers, and even some different vegan cookies!


vegan charcuterie board recipes-mccormick
A vegetarian charcuterie board with grilled veggies and pita bread.

Even big companies are hopping on the vegetarian charcuterie board train. McCormick (yes, the spices company) has put together a pretty delicious-looking vegetarian board.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-vevan foods
The dips may be the best part of this charcuterie board.

Another large food brand, Vevan Foods, has created a charcuterie board using mostly their products, which looks good!


vegan charcuterie board recipes-hungry healthy happy
It all looks so good! Where do you start?

Hungry Healthy Happy’s vegetarian charcuterie board looks so good I almost wouldn’t want to eat it! But the variety of cheese, vegetables, and dips makes it almost impossible not to grab a bit of everything!

29. Creating the Ultimate Vegan Charcuterie Board is Easier Than You Think

vegan charcuterie board recipes-natural kitchen school
So many vegan options, so little time.

Make your taste buds dance with this vegan charcuterie board from natural kitchen cooking school. She even gives us some white wine suggestions like pinot grigio, riesling, prosecco, and rosé. If you like red wine, you may want to try barbera, Lambrusco, and Beaujolais.

30. Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-this vivacious life
Full dried fruit and flavor!

Black bean bites, pickles, dried dates, and mangos are some of the larger items you’ll find on the charcuterie board from This Vivacious Life. They sit right alongside some small items like berries, olives, and other delicious pieces.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-the edgy veg
Is it a vegan charcuterie board or dessert board?

Do you have a date night coming up? The Edgy Veg has created a board that is perfect for Valentine’s Day and any date night throughout the year. The best part? It includes Twizzlers.

32. Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-clean eating kitchen
Pretzels, vegetables, and hummus. Who could ask for more?

Serve this yummy vegan snack tray from Clean Eating Kitchen at holidays, parties, or gatherings with friends or family.

33. Healthy Charcuterie Board Without Meat

vegan charcuterie board recipes-nkechiia jaeroh
A charcuterie board for one.

Packed with summer fruits, brined veggies, dried fruits, and nuts, this board from Nkechi Ajaeroh is the only vegetarian charcuterie board recipe you will ever need!

34. How To Make a Vegan Cheese Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-aint too proud to meg
A charcuterie board almost too beautiful to eat.

Ain’t Too Proud to Meg is literally the charcuterie board queen. If you want to make a dairy-free and vegan charcuterie board, you need to check out this one! It may not have a gouda or a chevre, but vegan cheeses include offer their own tastes and textures.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-darn good veggies
No need to get fancy.

Darn Good Veggies is all about helping you learn how to make a Vegan Charcuterie Board filled with flavor and texture! She even gives you tips for selecting the right cheese and arranging the board.

36. Vegetarian Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-simple and savory
Make it easy for people to grab with food on a stick.

A great way to put a spin on everyone’s favorite party food. This vegetarian charcuterie board from Simple and Savory is vegetable-focused and full of bright, fresh ingredients!

37. Charcuterie Board, Plant Based

vegan charcuterie board recipes-root cause medical clinics
Making fruit the centerpiece on a charcuterie baord.

The perfect balance between salty and sweet does exist. Root Cause Medical Clinic definitely knows what they are talking about!

38. Epic VEGAN Hummus Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-reluctant entertainer
A large and in-charge vegan charcuterie board.

Reluctant Entertainer has done it again and created a large board perfect for entertaining all of your vegan and non-vegan friends. It is not only huge, but it includes some of the most delicious foods you can have on a vegan charcuterie board, like 6 different flavored hummus, vegan chips, and veggies.

39. How to Build a Chocolate Dessert Board (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

vegan charcuterie board recipes-eating by elaine
A vegan chocolate dessert board.

A vegan charcuterie board that is a mix between a dessert board and a traditional charcuterie board. eating by elaine brings chocolate, cookies, fruit, and more together to make a flavorful charcuterie board that is sure to please anyone.

40. Mediterranean Vegan Charcuterie Board Recipe

vegan charcuterie board recipes-family focus blog
Giving off Mediterranean vibes!

A Mediterranean vibe is what you’ll get when you make this board from Family Focus Blog. It includes food like quinoa tabbouleh salad, pomegranate arils, quick pickled red onions, and more.

41. Vegetarian Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-health stand nutrition
Give me all the cheese!

Health Stand has got you covered if you need step-by-step directions when making a vegetarian charcuterie board. A little help can go a long way!

42. How To Make A Whimsical, Garden-inspired Vegetarian Charcuterie Board in Less than 45 Minutes

vegan charcuterie board recipes-honestly modern
Some of the most colorful hummus ever!

Want to elevate your plant-based charcuterie board skills? Maybe you are ready to make a  colorful charcuterie board that’s so beautiful and delicious that no one will even notice it’s vegetarian? Well, honestly modern has got the charcuterie board for you!


vegan charcuterie board recipes-daily dish
A small vegan charcuterie board.

A small charcuterie board that can be eaten as a main course for one or as an appetizer for a couple. The Daily Dish makes it all look easy.

44. Beautifully Easy Vegan Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board recipes-clean food mama
A vegan charcuterie board that will feed the whole family.

Clean Food Mama has got a vegan charcuterie board that is great for an after-school snack, family game night, or as a meal for dinner.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-planted in the kitchen
Should you eat it or take a picture of it?

A vegan charcuterie board that is almost too beautiful to eat! The radiant colors of the fruit and the vegetables with the small dish of agave nectar make this board from Planted in the Kitchen absolutely breathtaking.


vegan charcuterie board recipes-at elizabeth's table
A simple and delicious vegan charcuterie board.

If you are an absolute beginner when it comes to charcuterie boards, you’ll want to turn to Elizabeth’s Table. She has put together a simple yet elegant vegan charcuterie board that will please anyone who takes a bite.

Vegan Charcuterie Boards

Whether you are looking to create a charcuterie board for a date night, a family gathering, or a large get-together, ensuring everyone can enjoy and eat something can be challenging. These vegan charcuterie board recipes are the perfect way to allow all your guests a taste! 

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